Changbai Natural History Museum

Content + Interpretation

Content Developer | Interactive Narrative Design

Changbai Mountain is a dormant volcano in Northeastern China. Every year, thousands of visitors travel to the peak of Changbai, which is regarded by many as sacred. This renovation of the Changbai Natural History Museum sought to merge the site’s rich biological, historical and mythological content elements into a fresh design, featuring an immersive media experience to engage a new generation of visitors.


Roles + Responsibilities:

  • Led content development & strategy for global, bilingual science museum;
  • Composed narrative flows in collaboration with clients, experts and designers to carry visitors from beneath the storied volcano to its peak;
  • Managed bilingual communications and scripting from proposals to final drafts;
  • Conceived and wrote media treatments for a fantastical immersive theatrical and interactive avatar experience through which visitors can explore Changbai’s natural history and mythology;
  • Developed integrated content management systems for image assets and specimens.


Exhibition Design: (c) Gallagher & Associates Asia