Hemingway & Gellhorn

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Set Decorating Buyer

Drama centered on the romance between Ernest Hemingway and WWII correspondent Martha Gellhorn, Hemingway’s inspiration for For Whom the Bell Tolls. The set decoration department took painstaking care to accurately recreate sets varying in period from 1920s Spain to 1940s Shanghai to 1960s Idaho. Image research, documentary footage + vintage catalogues guided my quests for lighting, fabrics, furniture, art + other decoration to recreate locales around the world.


Set Decorator – Jim Erickson

Director – Philip Kaufman
Director of Photography – Rogier Stoffers
Production Designer – Geoffrey Kirkland
Producers – James Gandolfini, Trish Hofmann, Peter Kaufman, Alexandra E. Ryan, Barbara Turner
Editor – Walter Murch


Photos courtesy of John Micheletos